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September 16, 2017


There is a strong case for Auckland, and indeed all cities, to become more friendly for bees and pollinators, with clear environmental, economic and social benefits for urban dwellers.

By designing city spaces for the safety and resilience of bees, we begin a domino effect of positive ecosystem reactions. By transforming spaces to be organic and attuned to biology to support bees, we begin to support a number of lesser-known ecosystem services that quietly make our lives better everyday.

The incorporation of highly visible bee-friendliness could also be a distinct tourist attraction for us, working to support our brand as a supreme honey producer. We can be inspired by New York's HighLine, which is an incredible tourist attraction that functions as the ultimate pollinator pathway. The 2.3km aerial greenway that was once a railroad now injects a vivid lushness into the concrete jungle. Inventive pollinator habitat and food source installations like this can delight and captivate, and more greenery can also aid in improving city-dwellers mental wellbeing and productivity.

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