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NZ Manuka honey is the foundation of  bee yü skin care

It all started with an idea to use the natural goodness of Manuka honey to develop a premium natural skincare range, one that provides real benefits to women wanting healthier and naturally younger looking skin. The development of our skincare line also allows us to fund projects aimed at future-proofing our bees. 

Quality ingredients and carefully crafted formulas define our NZ Manuka honey skin care range. While there are many honey based skincare products on the market many lack any real refinement, making it nearly impossible for any natural benefits to be derived from the ingredients – they are little better than putting food on your face in an attempt to feed your skin.

bee yü relies on nature’s potency, not a long list of chemical ingredients to put in its products. Our product formulas contain no parabens or other harmful chemicals. Instead, each product is carefully balanced using few key natural ingredients in high concentrations to provide optimal anti-ageing and nourishing benefits.

  • The bee yü product range has been "constructed" from the ground up, crafted with precise levels of active ingredients to enhance the anti-ageing process. 

  • We use a high concentration of Manuka honey at 20+ UMF® (Unique Manuka Factor) which is only found in New Zealand.
  • We add just the right levels of bee venom to increase blood flow to the treated skin, stimulating natural collagen and elastin production and giving the skin a healthy glow.

We source the best quality available for the unique combinations of New Zealand botanicals including pohutakawa extract, blackcurrant seed oil and totara extract. We then craft each batch to be the best it can, while being suitable for all skin types.
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