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bee yü's  beautiful range of natural luxury cremes targets skin health with the incredible powers of ultra high grade UMF20+ Manuka honey, bee venom and active botanicals from New Zealand and around the world.

As women age, natural levels of oestrogen start to drop, and this triggers lower levels of collagen and elastin. The result - our skin becomes thinner and more wrinkly as it loosens. Now ageing is unavoidable, but older skin can still be bright, clear and evenly textured.

To help your skin be at its best, we use premium natural active ingredients that  support skin elasticity, hydrate and plump, even skin tone, fight free radicals that cause tissue damage and encourage skin regeneration. 


NZ Blackcurrant seed oil is particularly rich in gamma-linolenic acid,an important ingredient for maintaining the elasticity of the skin.  Prickly Pear Seed Oil  is high in tocopherols, and as a powerful antioxidant is often used in anti-ageing cosmetics to improve skin elasticity.  Meadowfoam Seed Oil  also has superb antioxidant properties and skin softening benefits. 

Cupuacu Butter is rich in phytosterols which benefit damaged and dry skin, polyphenols to fight damaging free radicals, and fatty acids to protect and moisturize. Combined, these properties offer restructuring benefits to the skin through improving the skins moisture barrier and giving deep hydration for improved elasticity and anti-inflammatory activity. Cupuacu butter is a plant based alternative to lanolin, but additionally has the capabiltiy to attract water which makes it much more effective as a skin hydrator and plumper.

Hydrate and plump
Safflower Oil has high levels of linoleic acid which improves the quality and texture of skin and supports the regeneration of new skin cells.  Hyaluronic Acid secures moisture and creates fullness.  Seafill is a marine plankton and has been scientifically proven to provide skin tightening and wrinkle-filling effects within 15 minutes!

Improve texture and tone

Clover flower extract can improve skin contraction properties and reduces the appearance of conspicuous pores.  Goji seed oil  is naturally high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids and trace minerals. It may help to smooth wrinkles hydrate dry and ageing skin and even out skin tone

Defend and regenerate
Manuka Honey As well as protexting your skin with its powerful anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties manuka honey works as a humectant, drawing moisture into the skin, supporting your skin's renewal process.  Bee Venom is a powerful antiageing incredient, with your body's response to venom stimulating the production of collagen, which strengthens body tissue, and elastin, helping skin stay firm and youthful. Those who use bee venom cremes (the day and masque) notice many benefits including improved skin texture and firmness, the reduction of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and reduced pigmentation and sun damage.

Swertia Chirata Extract (extracted from Indian gentian leaves) stimulates keratinocyte growth factor production encouraging skin regeneration and thickness. It resurfaces skin and blurs vertical wrinkles after only 7 days while providing a younger and more peaceful facial expression. It also reduces the  migration of lipstick.
Pohutakawa Extract moisturises and promotes cell regeneration while  Totarol Extract Nature's super antioxidant. Totarol is three times stronger than Vitamin E, and a potent force to neutralise free radicals linked to skin ageing. 

Discover    bee yü's    natural anti-ageing skin care products  today or learn more about  Manuka honey benefits for your skin.

Contact us  today if you have any questions about our products, or if you are interested in becoming a stockist or distributor. 

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